Work with us

Work with us, we focus on providing real estate solutions to market your property.

  • A custom property website will be created.

  • A custom E-mail with photos and a link to the property website will be sent to several hundred agents (encompasses all major real estate offices in Monaco) and to our team’s business contacts.

  • A detailed description of the property with color photographs will appear in the Monte Carlo Real Estate website and on the cloud for real estate professionals.

  • The property will be presented to all of our special guests during the F1 Grand Prix and the Yacht Show.

  • With the owner’s permission, an open house for the entire brokerage community will be held.

  • An ad will be placed in the Monaco Matin.
  • A custom color property brochure will be designed and mailed to potential buyers.
  • Publications in international magazines
  • A custom E-mail blast with photos and a link to the property website will be sent to several hundred agents from prestigious places and to our team’s worldwide business contacts
  • The property will be presented to all our international guests during the Principality’s events.
  • Rental of the property: free estimation of its rental value, advertising diffusion, study of tenant’s applications, signature of leases and revision of rents.
  • Day-to-day management: Receipts and collection of rents.
  • Handling: Management of quotes and necessary repairs.
  • Legal and fiscal points: redaction of rental contracts, preparation of the inventories, payment of co-ownership charges and assistance with administrative formalities (tax declaration).

Why should you settle in Monaco?

Our services go beyond your real estate needs. Whether you are a new owner or a tenant, B&C Monaco Properties supports you in each step of your installation in the Principality. We will activate a vast network of professionals ready to help you with all types of procedures: renovation work, moving in, enrolling your children in school, opening bank accounts, telecom subscriptions, creating a professional activity or purchasing and registering vehicles.

  • HEALTH CARE The city offers a high living quality to its citizen as the government of Monaco places a high priority on Health and wellbeing. Three hospitals are located in Monaco with different specialties. The Princess Grace Hospital which operates as a general hospital with a 24-hour emergency department. The Cardio-Thoracic Center where a renowned medical team focus on thoracic and cardiovascular pathologies. The Haemodialysis Center specialized in nephrology.
  • SAFETY Monaco is one of the secure and safest places on earth. There is an efficient live video surveillance on the entire surface of the Principality and almost all the residential buildings. The Principality has a police officer for every 60 residents.
  • EDUCATION Diplomas and educational programs are the same as the French system. Renowned international schools are also welcoming residents from all around the world with international programs from early years to university. With a competent educational system, Monaco’s students have more than 95% passing rate in the French baccalaureate.

Years after years, Monaco has become a popular place for the worldwide elite. 125 nationalities make up the Monaco community. Events like the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the International Circus Festival, the International Television Festival, the Monte-Carlo Ballets, the Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra are sure to attract and entertain wealthy tourists and businessmen.

    Capital Gain Tax Since 1869, a Monaco resident has no personal income tax, the only exception is French citizens settled in the Principality. There is also no capital gains tax except for French and U.S nationals.
    > 0%: To direct heirs or spouses
    > 8%: Between siblings
    > 10%: Between uncles, aunts and nephews/nieces
    > 13%: Between relative persons
    > 16%: Between non-relative persons
    There are no property taxes in Monaco.
    A duty of 1% on rental properties based on the annual rent plus other applicable charges. This tax is payable by the tenant.
    Tax The main principal of Monaco’s fiscal system is the total absence of direct taxation. There are two exceptions to this principal :
    > Companies earning more than 25% of their turnover outside of the Principality, are subject to a tax of 33,33% on profits.
    > Companies whose activities consist of earning revenus from patents and literary or artistic property rights, are subject to a tax of 33,33% on profits.
    Fiscal stamps must be obtained for all official civil and judicial acts. In addition, all documents which could be produced as evidence in a court of law must be stamped in order to be valid. Stamp costs are either a fixed fee or depend on the format of the document or the values involved in the acts. Registration duties are collected for the registration of real estate transfers or change of ownership.