Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, the 26 Carré d’Or residential building owes its name to the unequivocal address in which it is located, in one of the most exclusive and luxurious residential areas of the city. The 26 Carré d’Or project represents an important private real estate development, whose services and finishes have been studied and selected with the utmost care.


The building was designed by the Monegasque architect Alexandre Giraldi and built by Vinci Construction Monaco. It provides a “family office” style office space from the ground floor to the third floor. From the fourth to the nineteenth floor there are nine luxurious apartments: four apartments of 400 square meters on one floor, four apartments of 820 square meters spread over two floors (duplex), and finally a spectacular attic of 1,650 square meters which occupies the last 4 floors and is equipped with private swimming pool on the panoramic roof. The building also includes nine underground levels, six of which house 60 parking spaces, one is used as a technical room, and finally a double-height level entirely dedicated to the spa area.


Given the exclusive location adjacent to the Casino Gardens, next to the Hôtel de Paris and the future One Monte-Carlo and overlooking the Casino, the architecture of the 26 Carré d’Or building had to be simply magnificent. The architecture of the building therefore required wide views of the outside free from obstacles, maximum transparency, and openness of the spaces. All this was possible thanks to the full-height sliding doors that allow maximum natural light entry, made thanks to a design solution based on the Reynaers Hi-Finity minimal sliding system with motorized opening, capable of offering infinite views, high insulation, and a high comfort of use.



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