The “45G” is located in the Condamine district, right in the middle of the Principality of Monaco. Designed by architect Frédéric Genin (Arch Monaco), the building has 16 floors and 7 levels of basements. 

It will provide 72 apartments, 2 of which are penthouses with swimming-pools on the roof-terrace, with cellars and parking spaces in the 7 basement levels.
The 16 floors of the “45” will mainly be for living space but will also accommodate offices, particularly the bank Société Marseillaise de Crédit on the ground floor.
This luxurious residential property was finished in 2021.


White stone surfaces, wide balconies, bright glazing, a gentle aesthetic with soft lines, the “45” will be a building with a contemporary look, in keeping with the architecture of Monaco.
The “45” building meets the most rigorous specifications: safety standards, energy efficiency, respect for the environment, make this residence a model for quality and sustainability.

With sliding bay windows and warm lighting, optimized spaces, light colors and high-end amenities, Le 45 expresses new age, chic architecture while respecting the authenticity of the Condamine. 



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